Both Decorative & Functional


We are a wholesale and retail aluminum fence, gate, and railing supplier for the Greater Vancouver Area.

We offer:

  • Wholesale supply
  • Retail supply
  • Custom fence fabrication
  • Installation
  • Free estimates
  • Fence, gates, and railing repairs
  • Access Control Systems

Products and Service


York Aluminum Corp. offers a number of products, including fence, railings, driveway gates, etc. They are all fabricated to your specification so we can make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. Check out some of our products below…


semi-privacy fence white.jpg
glass railing.jpg
 Slide gate

Slide gate

Perfectly Realize Your Vison


Our skilled and seasoned team of experts provides top quality craftsmanship on every project. From our custom design and high quality fabrication process, to the durable coat application and fuss-free installation, we pride ourselves on our work. We ensure that every item we fabricate and install is perfect and up to not only our company standard, but the client’s standard and the ability to bring make their vision a reality. Our craftsmanship and reliability is what allows us to provide our finest work, every time.